My Plan for the Paddy’s Day Weekend!

Keeping this as brief as possible but as I won’t be able to put up pictures etc until after this weekend I thought I’d share what I plan on doing now.

I’m heading to Dungarvan in Waterford for 3 nights with my mum’s side of the family. It’s a tradition on for everyone to get together this weekend with exceptions being applied for ‘busy’ years when there’s a family wedding on etc. This year there are 31 of us going and I’m in a house with my cousin Paul, who I went skiing with, his wife and their two adorable children, my cousin Aisling and her boyfriend Donal, who also came skiing, and my cousin Lauren.

I’ve decided to try and get a lot of baking done when I’m there and hopefully everyone will be able to try something they’ll enjoy. So, the plan is as follows:

Soda Bread

First thing when I arrive down on Friday afternoon I’m going to get some soda bread’s done. There’s 3 houses there for 3 days so I’m going to do 3 normal soda bread loaves and 3 black pudding ones.


Stout Parkin

I’ve Edd Kimber’s book The Boy Who Bakes and he’s a recipe for Guinness Parkin, I’ve never tried it but I figure I’d give it a go this weekend. I prefer to use some of the craft brewers instead of the commercial Guinness so I’ll probably pop in to the Porterhouse next to work tomorrow and get some of their award-winning stout. The recipe can be found here if you’re interested:

Chocolate Stout Cake

I’ve made this before, it’s very easy to make and is really tasty, the ingredients are combined in a pot on the hob and it smells delicious when you are heating it up. Here are some pics from the last time I made it, the recipe can be found here:

Again, buy local, support Irish and find a better choice of stout than Guinness 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I’m going to try some salted caramel brownies with an Irish Whiskey glaze, it’s going to be a bit made up as I go along so I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll also make some normal brownies for the kids and people who are fed up with me feeding them drink via baked goods!

Tricolour Citrus Chiffon with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

This bake will take a good bit of effort but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it. It’s going to be another practise for my work Bake Off and I’m hoping it all comes together on the day. I’m going to do a lime, lemon and orange Tricolour layered chiffon which will hopefully look that bit more ‘competition ready’ then the Neapolitan Chiffon I did the other day pictured below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also very kindly been invited along by Sinead @BumblesOfRice to a mini tweet-up that has been arranged in Dungarvan on Friday night which I’m really hoping to find time for and I want to at least have a look in on the Tannery and hopefully convince someone to come along and have some food with me there.

I’m pack up my stand and hand mixer, loaf, spring-form, brownie and baking trays and tins, various whisks, spoons and spatculas and about two-thirds of my ingredients store to take with me; it literally isn’t far off from an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach. Hopefully it’ll be a lot of fun and people will enjoy everything I make!

I’ll report back early next week but until then have a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you’re spending time with family and loved ones and that there’s booze filled cake close at hand.


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